United and Identified is formed by ex-1D-Fens member Steve Caster. The music aims as a crossover between several electronic style like trance/electro/futurepop/EBM and expresses an impression of the world, society and human reactions.

Lyrics are an important bit of the whole concept. The music is a journey into the inner self and the outer world. It defines a place and time which exists between reality and fantasy, events and dreams.

The world evolves day after day. The abbreviation of United and Identified (U&I in case you are wondering ;) ) is aimed at and pointed out that we all are part of the world. Whatever race/skincolor/ideology people tend to divide themselves and others in…

New synths available

So we have upgraded our Komplete to version 9 🙂

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Recording time

Back in the studio

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New lyrics Written and more studio Updates

So today in the studio our LED lights were installed. This really changes the atmosphere in here :). After having Ik Multimedia’s ARC installed , we went on to “re”-mixing Millennium. As if this was not enough for 1 day, we added lyrics to a track currently still called Brol 15

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New track Millennium is recorded. Vocals are in place but need some finetuning

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